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I am the author of British Boarding Houses in Interwar Women’s Literature: Alternative Domestic Spaces (2017) and co-editor of Spatial Perspectives: Essays on Literature and Architecture (2015). I have also published articles on the writers Jean Rhys, Dorothy Richardson, and May Sinclair.

My research interests are in women’s writing, modernism, and critical and cultural theory. I am fascinated by the history of domesticity and the forgotten stories of women’s experiences and I’m particularly obsessed by the influence different spaces and places have on their inhabitants.

I write flash fiction and my stories have appeared in many journals and anthologies, including Litro, Flash Fiction Magazine, Toasted Cheese, Severine, Tether's End, The Liminal Review, Analogies & Allegories Literary Magazine and the Bath Flash Fiction anthology 2021. My work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and in 2021 was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize for Flash Fiction.

I received my MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature from Birkbeck, University of London and my doctorate in English Literature from the University of Oxford.

I have taught Critical Theory and Modernism for the Department for Continuing Education at the University of Oxford and lectured on women’s writing and modernism.

When I’m not writing I can be found running, doing yoga, or curled up with a cat and a good book.

‘Terri Mullholland’s engaging and rigorous study of the boarding house in fiction by women between the wars reveals “the complexity of domestic ideology in relation to women’s lives”. […] Single women’s living arrangements represent a microcosm of the tension between restrictive and progressive mores throughout the interwar period, and this excellent and expansive study teases out the frustrating paradoxes to be negotiated by women both in fiction and reality.’

Francesca Wade, Times Literary Supplement, 9 December 2016

‘This monograph makes an important intervention into scholarly fields that have stressed the interrelations of gender and public and private space under industrial modernity. Mullholland draws impressively and convincingly on historical data and spatial theory to illuminate the way in which interwar women’s literature became a primary means of thinking about a profound set of social changes. […] Mullholland’s extensively researched book should become an essential text for anyone interested in interwar literature, women’s writing or the study of social space.’

Adam Guy, Women: A Cultural Review, 28:3 (2017)

‘The boarding house was a queer, liminal space, productive and dynamic: connected to other generative spaces in the city and, as Mullholland shows, beyond the city and beyond Europe, linking the imperial metropolis with its colonies. The humble single room was part of a network that enabled new forms of social and sexual relations. It is no wonder that it features in so many novels and short stories of the early twentieth century.’

Terri Mullholland and Nicole Sierra, eds,
'Spatial Perspectives: Essays on Literature and Architecture'
(Oxford: Peter Lang, 2015)

Articles and Essays

‘Best Writing Tip: Don't Wait for the Muse’
First Prize Winner of The Writers College 'My Writing Journey' Competition - September 2021

‘Architecture, Environment, and “Scenic Effect” in May Sinclair’s The Divine Fire’
in Rebecca Bowler and Claire Drewery, eds, May Sinclair: Re-Thinking Bodies and Minds (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2017)

Book Reviews

Review of Emma Bolland, Instructions for Light, in 3:AM Magazine (2 April 2023)

‘Hotel Narratives', review of Emma Short, Mobility and the Hotel in Modern Literature: Passing Through, in Women: A Cultural Review, 31:3 (December 2020)

‘Reading Rooms', review of Suzana Zink, Virginia Woolf’s Rooms and the Spaces of Modernity, in Women: A Cultural Review, 30:4 (December 2019)


An interview about my story 'Counting the Steps' for the Full House Literary Magazine Podcast (S1, Ep13):
Interviews with our Hearts writers

An interview with the poet Siân Thomas for the Oxford Brookes University Poetry Centre podcast series, discussing our creative/critical dialogue:


Below is a selection of my flash fiction and short story publications:

Weather / Patterns, (intergraphia, 2022)

The Planet Cleaner, Welter - December 2023

End of the Rainbow, The Lit Nerds - August 2023

On Being the Granddaughter, 50-Word Stories - May 2023

Say It With Roses, 3rd Place in the WOW! Women On Writing Winter 2023 Flash Fiction Contest - May 2023

Insomnia Dreams, The Dawn Review (Issue 2) - April 2023

Homesick, Ellipsis Zine - March 2023

A Time to Gather, Sylvia Magazine - February 2023

Lost Property, Ghost Parachute Literary Magazine - January 2023

Dad's Caravan, CandleLit Magazine (Issue 1: Unsettling) - October 2022

Telling the Bees, Lavender Bones Magazine - August 2022

Before the Waters Rose, Present Tense Literary Magazine - July 2022

Make a Wish, Jake (Nominated for Best of the Net 2023) - June 2022

Your Secret, Short Beasts Flash Fiction Literary Magazine - June 2022

The Little Tin Soldier, shortlisted for the Brilliant Flash Fiction 2022 Writing Contest - June 2022

Moon Magic, Writing In A Woman's Voice - April 2022

Nightmares with Eyes Open Wide, Voice from the Void - April 2022

Sawdust, The Bluebird Word - March 2022

Tangle, Scribes *MICRO* Fiction - March 2022

An Encounter, Mercurius Magazine - February 2022

Over at the Schoolhouse, Tales from the Moonlit Path (Bloody Valentine Issue) - February 2022

Yellow, Third Lane - January 2022

An Ocean in the City, Analogies & Allegories Literary Magazine (Issue 7: Zodiac Signs) - January 2022

A Hat For Every Occasion, longlisted for the October 2021 Bath Flash Fiction Award - December 2021

Keeping Track, Potato Soup Journal - December 2021

Halloween Babies, 2nd place winner in the Failing Writers Podcast Halloween Flash Fiction Competition 2021 - November 2021

Hidden in the Moss, Analogies & Allegories Literary Magazine (Issue 6: Magic) - October 2021

The Ghost Train, Pigeon Review - October 2021

A Fine Balance, 2nd place winner in the June 2021 Shady Grove Literary Quarterly Flash Fiction Competition - August 2021

Cat Sister, The Liminal Review (Issue 1: Summer 2021) - July 2021

The Gift of Asparagus, Branching Out: International Tales of Brilliant Flash Fiction Anthology - July 2021

Gravel Estate, The Sirens Call EZine (Issue 54: Summer 2021) - July 2021

Dancing with the Goblins, Tether's End Magazine (Issue 2: Folklore) - June 2021

Passing on the Parcel, Toasted Cheese Literary Journal (Volume 21: Issue 2) - June 2021

Counting the Steps, Full House Literary Journal (Issue 3: Hearts) - May 2021

Vulpine, Severine Literary Journal - May 2021

Present and Correct, Every Day Fiction - April 2021

String Theory, Six Sentences - March 2021

Calendar Time, Flash Fiction Magazine - December 2020

Glue, Litro Magazine US - November 2020

Red Riding Hood III - April 2010

Proofreading and Editing Services
“As a proofreader and editor Terri brought clarity and insight to my doctoral thesis”
Dr Rebecca Hurst
You've written something brilliant, now submit it with confidence.
Don't let typos, poor grammar, or a badly worded sentence stop your work from shining.
I'm a published writer with obsessive attention to detail and a passion for helping other writers.
I offer professional proofreading and editing services to bring clarity and insight to your writing, from website copy and blogs, to fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. Work with me.

“Terri's professional, insightful comments and skilled editorial work were
invaluable in ensuring my writing was consistently of a high standard.”
Dr Usma Malik
Proofreading – Checking spelling / grammar / punctuation / typos / sentence construction / overall sense-checking for consistency and readability.

Rates: £10 - £20 per 1,000 words depending on level of work needed.
Editing – All the above plus structural and developmental editing to help you organise your words and ideas, along with word choice and phrasing suggestions.

Rates: £20 - £30 per 1,000 words depending on level of work needed.
Not sure what you need? Get in touch and let's discuss.

“As a proofreader and editor Terri brought clarity and insight to my doctoral thesis: a project that was comprised of both critical and creative writing. She has a remarkable eye for both the strengths and weaknesses of a piece of work; she respects and encourages style and originality, but also helps reign in one's wilder impulses; and she has a remarkable and intuitive sense of structure. I particularly appreciated Terri's robust understanding of the requirements of academic writing, her keen eye for detail, and her rigorously intelligent and insightful comments on my work, and look forward to collaborating with her again in the future.”
Dr Rebecca Hurst

“Terri has collaborated with me on a number of academic and creative projects. Her professional, insightful comments and skilled editorial work were invaluable in ensuring my writing was consistently of a high standard. Feedback was concise, practical, and prompt.”
Dr Usma Malik

“Terri has been extremely helpful with the proofreading and editing of my children’s book. I found her a very easy person to work with and I was delighted with the end result.”
Elisabeth Newson

“I have known Terri for many years. On numerous occasions we have worked on ideas that have involved a literary aspect to them. But I would like to focus on a more recent one. I wrote an article about a very personal subject: my own mental health. As a dyslexic I often miss things, leave blanks, etc. The article centred on cycling. Terri was amazing at proofreading the piece, giving suggestions, correcting the ‘obvious’ spelling errors, but was careful to make sure my personality/style of language showed through and she was sensitive to my ability regarding my writing skills.”
Iain Nussey

“Terri is an excellent tutor and I couldn’t recommend her enough. She offered fantastic guidance and is kind, generous and thorough in her approach.”
Private tuition student (Undergraduate level)


I co-run seasonal online creative writing workshops with Sian Thomas and Rebecca Hurst for The Muse Agency.

Our latest series of workshops is the Summer Muse.

Over the last six weeks we have been running our Spring Muse Creative Writing Workshops. We wrote about signs of spring, inventories of pleasures, snapshots of places, prophecies, idioms, ways of speaking, and roses. Inspired by writers and poets, including: Sara Baume, John Clare, Charles Dickens, Dana Gioia, Amy Key, Lydia Popowich, Atsuro Riley, Kathleen Rooney, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Rebecca Solnit, and Morten Søndergaard.

There was much joy as we shared our words and thoughts on writing.

If you would like to write in an encouraging and supportive group, do consider joining us for the Summer Muse.

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